Hakuna Matata Theme Park

Hakuna Matata Theme Park

The goal was to use social media to introduce the Hakuna Matata Themepark into the market with a big bang. The client’s goals were to create buzz and excitement pre-launch of the theme park, raise brand awareness, drive foot traffic, and build an online community post-launch.

We used Instagram as our primary social media channel  We wanted to create an experience that was immersive, not just informational, so we used a mix of strong visuals (images and videos), content marketing,  influencer marketing, and user-generated content to capture the Hakuna Matata experience. For the pre-launch campaign, we teased and created excitement amongst the target audience by showing a glimpse of what the Hakuna Matata Themepark experience is all about, and for the post-launch campaign, we completely removed the veil, allowing the target audience to be completely immersed in the Hakuna Matata Theme park experience through their screens.

In three months, we have seen exponential growth both offline and online. The Instagram page has 8000+ followers organically, has reached over 100,000k+ accounts, had  20,000+ engagements, and sold 12,000+ tickets.